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Mechanics’ liens are claims which are attached to real estate, typically by contractors, suppliers of materials, and architects, to recover debts incurred during building, remodeling, repairs, or any other sort of construction project. Mechanics’ liens are a very powerful legal remedy, and can even force a property owner to sell their property in order to satisfy the lien.

Mechanics’ liens can become an issue for a property owner for a number of reasons, and there are many situations where someone may have to defend against a mechanics’ lien when they have themselves done nothing wrong. It is an unfortunate fact that dishonest contractors exist who do shoddy or incomplete work, or attempt to mislead property owners into situations where they appear to have authorized additional unwanted work that the contractor will then file for a mechanics’ lien in an attempt to force payment for. Additionally it is not uncommon for situations to arise where a general contractor will accept payment for a project, then disappear or declare bankruptcy without paying the subcontractors who had been employed on the project; the subcontractors then seek compensation for their work through filing mechanics’ liens against the property, potentially forcing the property owner to pay for the same work twice or risk having their property sold out from under them to fulfil the lien.

Mechanics’ Liens Are Complex

Mechanics’ liens are complex documents with a very specific procedure that must be followed in order to effectively establish a claim on a property. And because of the seriousness of their ramifications, Illinois courts require that a company attempting to get a mechanics’ lien against a property to follow the statutory procedure exactly. This requirement to diligently abide by very exacting procedures makes technical failures of a mechanics’ lien a boon to unfairly encumbered property owners, but it also makes issues involving mechanics’ liens ones that require an attorney with a highly detailed understanding of the law in order to successfully defend against. This complexity, combined with the costs of failure, are why a person defending against a mechanics’ lien needs a specialist in these matters to represent their interests.

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