Consumer Rights

Mount Prospect and Orland Park Lawyers Protecting Consumer Rights

In today’s economic environment it is an unfortunate fact that consumers often are the ones who suffer due to corporate wrongdoing. Between defective products, false advertising, harassing debt collection methods, and a large variety of other unconscionable business practices there is a significant chance that at some point in a person’s life they will need the help of an attorney versed in the area of consumer rights litigation, and in Illinois, Cohen Jutla Dovitz Makowka, LLC is your clear choice.

At Cohen Jutla Dovitz Makowka, LLC our skilled legal team has extensive experience dealing with a wide range of different consumer rights issues, including things like:

  • False advertising of products and services.
  • Defective or dangerous products or services.
  • Undisclosed or illegally applied fees.
  • Negligent disclosure of personal information and data breaches.
  • Failure to honor warranties.
  • Harassing debt collection practices.
  • Disputed credit reports.
  • Bait and Switch marketing practices.
  • Predatory lending schemes.
  • Home repair fraud.
  • Unlawful repossessions.

…and many more. Despite what people may assume based on the sheer number of incidents that are reported by the media on a far too regular basis, both Federal and Illinois state laws exist to keep consumers safe from harmful and deceptive business practices.

The Experience You Need And The Attention You Deserve

More often than not when a person is in a situation that involves a consumer rights issue they will be angry, frustrated, and above all else confused. This area of law is particularly complex, the opposing side often has taken action that causes significant detriments to the lives of the consumer and that the person being targeted feels helpless to combat, and it may seem that these predatory businesses act with impunity. There are many “tricks of the trade” that these businesses will employ to bully a consumer into giving them what they want, and this is why it is important to seek the help of an attorney that has the knowledge and experience to show the companies that you are willing and able to defend your rights.

At Cohen Jutla Dovitz Makowka, LLC we feel that it is important to not only give our clients the best legal representation that is available, but also to provide open and ready lines of communication to explain what is happening and how we are acting to protect our clients. This way we not only protect their legal interests, we also act to lessen the burden of fear and stress these situations place on them. If you or someone you know is involved in a consumer rights issue, contact one of the attorneys at Cohen Jutla Dovitz Makowka, LLC today by telephone at (847) 282-0155, or online to discuss how we can bring about the resolution you need.