Breach of Contract

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Contracts serve as the basis for almost every business transaction. They clarify the rights and obligations of each party, and formalize the agreement between them. And when one of the parties to a contract does not hold up their part of the bargain the results can be disastrous for the others involved. Contracts can be breached in several different ways:

  • A party does not perform their obligation under the contract.
  • A party violates a fundamental term of the contract.
  • A party acts, or fails to act, in a manner that makes it impossible for the other party or parties to the contract to perform their own obligations.
  • A party states, through words or actions, that they do not intend to honor their obligations under the contract.

Regardless of the form that a breach of contract takes, this violation of the agreement will injure the other party to the contract, and because of this our legal system provides various remedies to allow the injured party to recover.

Methods of Recovery

When a party has been injured by a breach of contract there are several different ways that they can recover for their losses, depending on what they request and what the courts decide is appropriate based on their situations.

  • Monetary Damages—in many situations the best way for a party to be compensated for a breach of contract is through monetary damages. These can include a sum of money that would place the non-breaching party in the position they would have been in had the contract not been breached, a sum of money awarded by the court strictly as a punishment for the other party breaching the contract, or a sum that was predetermined as a term of the contract when it was written.
  • Rescission—A court can choose to dissolve the contract entirely, as if it never existed, and act to place the party that performed their obligations in the position they would have been in had the contract never occurred.
  • Specific Performance—In some unique circumstances where other methods would be inadequate, the court can require the breaching party to uphold their obligations under the contract regardless of any secondary considerations.

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Contracts are entered into because parties need something each other have, so by their very nature someone is going to suffer damages when a contracting party does not live up to their obligations. If you have been a party to a contract that was breached by one of the other signatories, the attorneys at Cohen Jutla Dovitz Makowka, P.C. can help you get restitution for your damages. Our legal team has a proven track record in resolving contract disputes advantageously, and it is our goal to give you the vigorous representation and personal attention that you deserve. In contract disputes time is always a factor, both for legal reasons as well as the fact that clients typically have timetables that must be met for personal or business reasons. Call Cohen Jutla Dovitz Makowka, LLC at (847) 282-0155 or contact us online to discuss your situation and learn how we can help successfully resolve your dispute.